Cahier de voyage

Cahier de voyage

The cahier or carnet de voyage is that notebook where the artist imprints emotions and memories during a journey.
Its origins are to be found in the Enlightenment and Romantic culture, but in recent years it has come back into vogue, both as an exercise that pushes to sketch, watercolor and pin notes and details encountered during a journey. Both as a genre of telling.

With this notebook I want to play on the meaning that was originally attributed to cahier de voyage, because I am not talking about kilometers traveled but about the impossibility of leaving, of freeing oneself from one's cages to start a journey. So I speak of travel, yes, but in an embryonic and absolutely personal way where the itinerary I undertake moves through the spaces and interstices of interiority and tries to bring to light the body-emotions knot that is still in an unwanted place.

The cahier is handmade. It is a unique piece in fabric and various materials, made with mixed techniques of embroidery and sewing.

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