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March 03, 2021

Although breakfast is an important moment in terms of food, often, for a short time or unwillingness, it is entrusted to packaged, industrial and sugar-rich products.
Here I propose 2 appointments to touch the world of breakfast up close.
You will learn simple, delicious and versatile recipes that you can prepare (or prepare) even the night before.
WEDNESDAY 3/3 H 20-21: 30
1. Homemade pancakes and granola with 100% vegetable ingredients
to experiment with cereals and flours
We will make together 2 versions of pancakes, sweet and savory, using various flours partly wholemeal and low in gluten.
We will then make the classic granola (greedy version of muesli) with cocoa, cereals and dried fruit.
Cost per meeting € 40.00
If you bring a friend with you,
you will pay € 30 instead of € 40
Info and reservations: [email protected]
                                   3493825703 (whapp messaging)

Cookeneim is a cooking project from Francesca Luise - Venice, Italy.

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