Barbie gnocchi that means a very pink potato gnocchi

April 27, 2021

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The measure of feeling in defining the dosages is one of the anthropological aspects that most fascinate me of the recipes of the past. As if the secret of reduplication, more than to tools and measurements, is to be found in the attention we put into repeating.

The memory of gestures and the involvement of all the senses thus make some dishes immortal in some ways. And one of these for me is the gnocco.

Today I will prepare some gnocchi for you, inspired by a recipe made some time ago by @latavernadegliarna.

I reinterpreted this dish, accompanying the gnocchi with a green leaf pesto, roasted spring onion, leek roots and a fermented spread of cashews and almonds.

The recipe is a bit complex, or rather it involves various stages. However, you can also season these gnocchi with simpler sauces, such as sage flavored oil or a ready-to-use spread. Of course, for the love I have for self-production, I could only offer you a recipe that "is made from scratch";)


For the gnocchi:

Boil the potatoes (choose old potatoes, the new ones have too much water!) And the beetroot in plenty of water, then peel the potatoes and mash them with the special tool. Arrange them on a pastry board and wait for them to cool. Blend the beetroot coarsely (I like the pieces to remain visible, but here your sense of aesthetics and your taste play) and keep it aside.

When everything is at room temperature, mix it by adding a little flour (you can also use starch if you want to make a gluten-free dish), a nice pinch of salt (3 g), a grated nutmeg. The dough must be soft but workable. I will not tell you the exact doses of flour, because depending on the moisture content of the dough, it could vary. Shape into cylinders by rolling the dough between your hands and cut them 5 cm apart. Then roll each cylinder with the palm of your hand and form balls. Flour them and then boil them in plenty of salted water. When they come to the surface they are cooked: drain them with the help of a fine mesh strainer, place them on food paper so that they dry slightly.

Heat a pan, add 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 2 sage leaves. Brown the gnocchi on all "sides" and blend with 3 tablespoons of umeboshi acidulate. The gnocchi are ready to be served!

For the pesto I followed the recipe you find here.

For the fermented cashew nut, you can find the recipe here.
I used the fresh version (not the aged one).

I then roasted a fresh onion: 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil on the hot Lyonnaise and cook over high heat turning the onion with the help of kitchen tongs.

Then I had some very nice leek roots, which I fried (I used sunflowers seeds oil) and used to decorate and further flavor the dish. In the absence of these (and for a more fit version) I suggest you some sprouts (of cress, alpha alpha ...)

Compose the dish following the directions in the photo, complete the dish with Sichuan pepper ... or go to your fancy!

And good appetite :)
Preparation time about 3 hours
Recipe: Barbie gnocchi that means a very pink potato gnocchi

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