Pasta salad with zucchini marinated in ginger water

July 08, 2021


... And he tells you about summer vegetables, fresh and pungent basil, perfectly cooked pasta.

From a garden or a beach, the cooler bag with "ice" and ready ... go!

Today I propose an easy-to-carry pasta salad, a faithful friend of summer picnics, which uses the aromatic notes of ginger water, a very quick preparation to be made at home, which can be declined in many ways.


I made a brunoise the courgette, marinated it for 1 h in the ginger water, to which I added 1 clove of garlic.
I blanched the cluster tomatoes and peeled, then blended with nutritional yeast, toasted sunflower seeds and good oil. Salt to taste on both.

I cooked Pasta Morelli fusilli al dente and seasoned with all the ingredients.

Before serving, I decorated the dish with lots of fresh basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil.


Grate the ginger and place it in clean cheesecloth. I use etamines, the fabrics to filter cheeses, rigorously washed in water and bicarbonate (never use detergents!). Squeeze the gauze until all the liquid is extracted from the ginger and then use the water to:

- marinate other ingredients (tofu, vegetables, seitan, tempeh etc)

- flavor a sauce (veg mayonnaise, hummus, aubergine sauce, etc)

- aromatize water (filtered)

- give a particular scent to sweets, biscuits and baked goods in general.

Preparation time 40 minutes
Recipe: Pasta salad with zucchini marinated in ginger water
Recipe: Pasta salad with zucchini marinated in ginger water - 1

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