Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl

August 02, 2021

When I told him it was 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock at the latest, he had no doubts. According to Antonio, the sound that woke us up tonight was the roar of a deer.
Because the deer makes itself felt in August and today the 2nd. In August and September and down from the woods towards the Grigno it is full of them.
I trust him.
It took him 2 months to speak to me. I intend to go beyond any "hello" to start talking about oneself. This is how I discovered that there is a cave that runs long and long below the town, where children sneaked in in the 60s to challenge their ghosts with a jute lantern and resin. Because Castello Tesino was born on the border between karst rock and granite and in contact with water it forks itself, creating underground worlds.

Antonio was a forester and smoothed his lawn every 15 days. The mother bent over to gather wild herbs is one of the images from my childhood.
We started chatting last month, when he saw that we were preparing to cut the nettles by now at shoulder height, armed with a battery-powered brush-cutter. In a country where everyone knows each other and, often, everyone argues, I think he liked us for the naive optimism that transpired from our gesture.
Today we spent another half hour together. Having put down our city weapon to entrust ourselves to the powerful means of the likeable Carlo, it was time to move to the next level: once the grass has been cut, I will help you to make the vegetable garden next spring.

I had just finished with the garden.

The lemon balm has created an unexpected fragrant undergrowth, under the slightly yellow and slightly blackened leaves, many small melisse to colonize the flower bed.

Mint tripled, but I had no doubts about her. Fearing my green thumb, I went easy on an invasive plant.

Sage, which is the largest sage bush I've ever seen, has given birth all around and even the spontaneous oregano brought from the Celado meadows last August has grown back here and there.

St. John's wort became 4.

My Saturday afternoon: a few trimmings on the tamarisk foliage, a freshly cut hydrangea to take home, lavender for the next oil and Antonio in the distance happy because he can finally see beyond the border, now that the wall of nettles is all stretched out to the ground.
Like when he was little and the woods were not there.
You could see down the stream and there was the path that led to Cinte, traveled every day by the students of the carving school who came to Castello to discover the secrets of wood.
Those were the years when there were 3,000 inhabitants and 33 bars.

This recipe aims to enhance the flavor and the different textures of various types of zucchini, prepared together in a simple way to compose a single vegetable dish suitable for the daily diet. Last week I went to the Borgo Valsugana market and bought a couple of trumpets, a couple of wrinkled Friulian courgettes and Roman courgettes from a nice lady who grows organic in the surrounding area. I have stocked up on all these wonderful strains because I don't often find so many. Of course, you can use the ones you find, the result is still guaranteed!


Dice the tofu and let it marinate in the lemon juice for at least half an hour. Wash and clean the zuccchine, cut them into thin slices. Peel and slice the onion, peel, mash and chop the garlic. Cut the dried tomatoes into strips. Put all the ingredients in a wok and brown them for a few minutes, then add half a glass of hot water and simmer. Drain the tofu from the lemon and incorporate it. Cook over high heat until the courgettes are tender (but not pulped!). Drizzle with plenty of fresh herbs and the lemon juice you used to marinate the tofu.

I paired this dish with cooked millet for absorption in a ratio of 1: 2.5

Preparation time about 1 hour
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl - 1
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl - 2
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl - 3
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl - 4
Recipe: Millet, zucchini and tofu bowl - 5

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