My version of the traditional Italian vegan dish called nchiambara.

August 02, 2021

The nchiambara is an omelette without eggs and belongs to the traditional cuisine of Cosenza. The original recipe includes two main ingredients: 00 flour and onion. I wanted to reinterpret this recipe by varying the flours used, using a minimum part of 00 for the elastic effect given by gluten, a part of 0 and the remaining part half yellow corn flour and half self-produced lentils.


Blend the lentils with a blender until flour is obtained. Sift it together with the others. Slice 4 red or golden onions (the Cosenza recipe would include red ones ...) and brown them with a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Lightly salt the onions, add half a glass of water, lower the heat and let it brown for about ten minutes, until the onions are cooked but still firm. Let them cool.

Create a batter by mixing the flours with the water, add salt and stir in the onions, mixing well. Put a pan on the stove and heat it (preferably one of the iron ones that blacken using them, like the Lyonnaise), add 2-3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and pour the batter. Cook on both sides very well, until it has a nice crispy crust.

The original nchiambara has a compact and elastic appearance. This version, thanks to the characteristics of the flours, will have much rougher appearances. I served it with borage flowers, a generous sprinkling of black pepper and red currant which has finally come to maturity and I must say that I really liked the contrast of the nchiambara with the sour note of the currant.
Preparation time 40 minutes
Recipe: My version of the traditional Italian vegan dish called nchiambara.

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