Carrots vegan pesto

July 29, 2021

7 Ingredients

Carrots Carrots 6/7
Almond Almond 1 handful
Dry tomato Dry tomato 8
Garlic (fresh) Garlic (fresh) 1 clove
Soy yogurt Soy yogurt 3 tablespoon
Salt Salt 3 gr
Extravergin olive oil Extravergin olive oil 3 teaspoons
The first raspberries are ripe. Still sour but with an intense and penetrating aroma, tannin on the palate, if you can ever say that, these brave leaders have crossed the finish line in full Olympic spirit. After days and days of pallor, yesterday a carmine red speck appeared among the foliage. Then another and another. Three in all. Method Wash and clean the carrots, chopped together dried tomatoes, almonds, garlic, a pinch of salt (3g) and soy yogurt. Boil the strangolapreti al dente (I used those from Pastificio Morelli) and serve them with pesto. Decorate with a few dandelion leaves and its petals, carrots peeled with potato peel, shiso and raspberries. Grated pepper before serving and the dish is ready!

Preparation time about 15 hours
Recipe: Carrots vegan pesto
Recipe: Carrots vegan pesto - 1

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