Almond "ricotta": the most easy and tasty recipe

October 31, 2023

3 Ingredients

Almond Almond 120 gr
Water Water 1 liter
Lemon (juice) Lemon (juice) 45 gr
Here I am also back on the site, after about a year of interruption which, despite myself, took my attention and my presence away from here. Today I finally start uploading some of the recipes made in recent months, almost 12 months later, with a strange sensation, almost a form of space, as if I were looking into a wardrobe of clothes that I haven't worn for a while.
Will they still fit me?
This is why I thought I'd start again from the classics. Almond ricotta is one of the musts of vegetable cuisine. Made and remade, offered in a thousand variations and a thousand versions. This is the recipe that I have relied on for several years, which guarantees that the almond milk curdles (I recommend doing it at home for a guaranteed result!), which balances the flavors and not excess lemon or sugar.

Easy and flexible, perfect for sweet and savory preparations, almond ricotta is a perfect example of self-production  food without any waste.  And it's also very easy to make, which isn't a bad thing! Once ready, you can use it like cow's milk, for stuffed pasta, as an addition to sauces, to stir risotto, to make croutons, sandwiches, cheesecakes, or anything else you can think of.
But, let's know, it's good like this too! For example, I love to eat it with a lot of herbs, black pepper, salt and extravergine olive oil.


Soak the almonds for 12 hours outside the refrigerator, then blend them with the soaking water + 1 liter until you obtain a liquid without lumps (first step: we have almond milk). Filter it with food gauze, then bring it to the boil. If you want to give a sweet or savory note, this is the right time. You can add brown sea salt or maple syrup, for example. When it bubbles, turn off the heat, add the lemon, mix well and forget about the pan until it has cooled. At this point, filter again and place the usual mixture in the refrigerator in a ricotta container. After a few hours it will be ready.
You can serve it as I did in the photo, with various dried herbs, extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.


- Don't throw away the solid waste parts (okara) they are an excellent base for meatballs, biscuits, vegetable fillings, plum cakes, strudels.
Here is my recipe for biscuits with soy okara, you can easily replace it with almond okara.
- Do not throw away the water (the whey) which will be expelled, you can use it for sweet and savory dough, to make bread or pizza.
Preparation time about 1 hour
Recipe: Almond "ricotta": the most easy and tasty recipe
Recipe: Almond "ricotta": the most easy and tasty recipe - 1

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